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When you arrive for your visit at Vitality Spine & Wellness, Dr. DeMutiis will do a thorough, in-depth consultation. He will discuss your past and present symptoms. These procedures enable us to construct a program based on a functional medicine approach. We’ll start with the system in your body that needs to be addressed first.

Seeking the Cause

Your body can produce everything you need at the right time, in the right dosage. Nutrition will augment these natural abilities. At Vitality Spine & Wellness we’re not treating your symptoms, but instead will address the cause of your problems. You’ll also receive lifestyle advice regarding diet and exercise, tailored to you.

Dr. DeMutiis is committed to using only the highest-grade nutritional and herbal supplements that are free from synthetic isolates or other ingredients made in a laboratory. He is committed to using only those that come from either from concentrated foods, clean animal sources, or pharmaceutical-grade herbs. This ensures restoration of health rather than just masking the symptoms.

Aren’t all supplements the same?

The simple answer is "no." We have our patients special-order supplements because the generic brands simply do not have the potency or effectiveness that the supplements we recommend have. Supplements bought "over-the-counter" are less expensive, but that comes at a cost to your health. The supplements Dr. DeMutiis recommends have been researched, tested and tested again to make sure that they are safe and effective. In fact, each individual ingredient is tested first and then tested again when the entire formula is complete. This allows us to be sure that what we recommend is safe, and it gets our patients back to health faster, saving them money in the end.

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